Research Work

Initiation of Research Initiation of research work on relationship of various MMPS with ENDOMETRIOSIS in collaboration with department of PHYSIOLOGY, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, kolkata.
Initiation of Questionnaire -based Servey on Indian Scenario of ENDOMETRIOSIS.
Publication of original Research Articles in the Journal of Pineal Research in Collaboration with Dept. of Physiology Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata.
  • Paul S, Sharma AV, Das Mahapatra P, Bhattacharya P,Reiter RJ, Swarnakar S. Role of Melatonin in Regulating MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-9 via tissue INHIBITORS OF METALLOPROTEINASE -1 During Protection against ENDOMETRIOSIS. JOURNAL OF PINEAL RESEARCH: (2008)
  • Paul S, Bhattacharya P, Das Mahapatra P and Swarnakar, S. Melatonin Protects against Endometriosis via regulation of MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-3 and an Apoptotic Pathway. Journal of Pineal Research: (2010) 49: 156–168.




  1. A research project in the form of ‘Epidemiological Survey of Dysmenorrhea & CPP – Screening of Endometriosis in South East Asia’ was initiated by Dr P K Mitra since Jan 2023 involving six adjoining districts of India & Bangladesh along Indo-Bangladesh border as 24-Parg(N),Nadia & Murshidabad from Indian side & Khulna,Jassore & Satkhira from Bangladesh side. In the March, 2023 Dr Mitra visited Bangladesh to continue the project with junior doctors & quacks of all the districts in a long term prospective trial by training them as to how to conduct Awareness Cum Screening Programs in various schools & colleges with Endo-Screening Form . The response was highly satisfactory. Later six other districts (3+3) were incorporated. Involvement of other nearby countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippine etc.  are in the pipeline. The study on behalf of ESI has already been presented in by Dr Mitra as International Faculty in International Conference of Endometriosis in Manila (Sept,2023) & Dhaka( March 9-10th ,2024) already. The same project with updates would be presented at SEUD Conf at Geneva, Switzerland(18-20 April,2024) & AOCOG at Busan,South Korea(May 2024).One pioneering project in the form of ‘Screening of Adolescent Endometriosis’ has not yet been done in South East Asia recently. At present ‘Hard Copy’ & ‘Digital’ screening in English & Bengali is continuing. President of Bangladesh Endometriosis Society also feels that a joint venture on this issue is the ‘need of the day’. Language is barrier to reach the students & common people of Non-English speaking countries which is been taken into due consideration.
  2. A fascinating research is going on under the leadership of Mr P Das Mahapatra & Dr Partha Bhattarcharya ‘Impact on Double Progestogen Therapy for Endometriosis’.
  3. Dr Ujjal Base & Dr Rituparna Bose is doing basic research at molecular level on Endometriosis. The first phase of the report would be published soon.
  4. Prof Sujit Basu,Ohio State University, Columbus,USA, the first name in the field of Dopamine & Angiogenesis in the world at present has been doing lot of work on Endometriosis which is being highly appreciated by the Dean of that University & Endometriosis Society India has become one front line society in USA which is most important achievement for the First Indian & probably first South East Asian society to work on Endometriosis & Adenomyosis in USA.Prof Basu is the lead researcher of ESI so far as seniority & International recognition are concerned & he has assured to continue his contributions to ESI.
  5. Mr P Das Mahapatra ,President,ESI has been selected from India in the member body of Asian Society of Endometriosis & Adenomyosis.
  6. Querterly E-Journal is being published by ESI under the main supervision of Dr Rooma Sinha with great excellence and 5th issue is under preperation