We, at the Endometriosis Society India are ‘Endometriosis fighters’. We dare not saying that we will lead to an endometriosis free world – because this is simply not possible (Yes, we remember Napoleon’s words!). Nevertheless, we have some dreams.
We thrive to find out more facts at its molecular level so that improvements can be made in diagnosis and new targeted medicines with minimal side effects may be developed.
We aspire to reduce the suffering of the women having this disease and improve their quality of life; help them coping with their pain, childlessness and related mental and social trauma.
We try to share the ever growing knowledge and experience with our medical fraternity; to keep in touch with international organisations working for endometriosis Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.
We dream to see endometriosis predicted at its pre-clinical level; treated permanently yet without jeopardising a woman’s reproductive future; stopped to make a woman’s life miserable.
We know our mission is a toughest one. Still we do believe – ‘we shall overcome some day,.

Our Objective