East Zone – West Bengal

West Bengal:

Endo Awareness Programs:

A)All Programs were  arranged by Khardah Manan Welfare Society with active involvement of Endo-Warriors . Endo-Screening Form of ESI was filled up by all Girls.

  1. 20th March ,2024 Kalyan Nagar Vidyapith for Girls}Sodpur ,24 Parg (N) – Dr Shabana + Endo Warriors : In one school in two consecutive sessions : Class VI –IX , X-XII, Students attended 350
  2. 21st March,2024 Deshbandhu Nagar Vidya Mandir For Girls, Sodpur Girls School -24 Parg (N) – Dr Shabana , Dr PKM + Endo Warriors – 150+ Girls + All Teachers +Guardians —- Extensive Interactive Session
  3. 22nd March,2024: Hooghly,Mustafapur – Dr Shabana + Endo warriors : Public Awareness Session , Awareness Rally with Village women & Health Camp : 150 + patients were examined.
  4. 28th March,2024 : Bandipur Ideal Academy for Girls: 24 Parg(N)Nearly 350 adolescent girls , mainly from conservative community, had attended this program which  was conducted by Dr Shabana Roze Chaudhury. There was extensive interaction & the girls could follow all the important aspects of Endometriosis & other aspects of Adolescent problems. Dr P K Mitra had attended program for a short period and took part in interactions . Quite a few girls were advised for their problems . Most the girls suffer from Dysmenorrhoea , few having Progressive type +/- CPP & consulted doctors, but no hormone is being taken or  USG was not done for any one although 2 girls complained of Rectal Bleeding or Hematuria with Dysuria during menses.
  5. 29th March,2024: Manashi Hall, 24 Parg (N) : Innovative Awareness Program:One innovative Awareness cum Health camp program with Adolescent Girls with theirs mothers was held in a different ambience where apart from usual program the key attraction was presentation of a Drama by Endo-Warriors & relevant dances on Endometriosis Scenario. This had enormous impact on the audience.

    It was attended by 134 heads.  Dr Shabana had conducted the program & Dr P K Mitra talked about other areas of women’s life & answered all questions from the audience. Both the doctors examined & advised as per need of the day.

  6. 5th April,2024: Belgharia Deshapriya Vidyaniketan, 24 Parg (N) – Nearly 230 students had attended the program which was conducted by Dr Shabana under the supervision of vibrant Headmistress of the institution. Around 34 girls wanted advice for their Menstrual Pain, Rectal bleeding, Menorrhagia, Primary Amenorrhoea, CPP etc. Almost all girls of 16+ age had been reported to have progressive dysmenorrhoea & none of them consulted Gynecologist. They either skip school or take indigenous/OTC medicines only. Scenario was too gloomy.

B)Program arranged by ICMR-NIRRCH : Organizer : Dr Rahul K Gajbhiye at Victoria

Instirution,Kolkata on 28th March ,2024 as Endometriosis Awareness Program. This was conducted by Mr Pramathes Das Mahapatra,President,ESI & about 100 students had attended.The educational was delivered by Mr PDM & Dr Pritha DasMahapatra to the girls of 8th-11th standard. Dr Amiya Majumdar , De Arun Majumdar & Dr Anita Majumdar had conducted the Q & A session with extensive interaction with students & lady teeachers.

C) ESI in Collaboration with Rotary Club,Salt Lake Metropolitan ( 29th March ,2024)

This was held at Sister Nivedita University , New Town , Kolkata ,at the Dept. of Agricultural Science where nearly 60 ,2nd yr students had attended. Awareness cum Basic Health Checkup  was done under the supervision of Dr Saktirupa Chakraborty , Dr Suranjan Chakraborti & Dr Chitra Roy who were requested to conduct similar program in future as well.

20th -21st -22nd March 2024

28th & 29 March 2024

5th April 2024

East Zone – Bihar & Jharkhand

  1. Bihar & Jharkhand :
  1. Muzaffarpur:1-3 April ,2023: Dr P K Mitra was one Invited National Faculty in the state conference there at Muzaffarpur where he conducted 8 Public Awareness Programs in different schools. The Muzaffarpur Chapter of ESI was tentatively formed there which is to be carried forward by East Zone Coordinator Dr Prachi Singh. Dr Rangila Sinha initiated the PA program with her local team in form of Press Conference , Leaflet Distribution ,School Visit & interaction with local people. Dr Mitra had quite a few scientific commitments therein the conference.

2. Gaya : Bihar & Jharkhand :

  1. At Gaya, Bihar- A high level scientific conference with Public Awareness Program was held in August, 2023 where different eminent National Speakers delivered lectures on Endometriosis & Adenomyosis. Dr Pradip Mitra ,Secretary General –ESI , was very much instrumental in Public Awareness Programs in 5-6 schools apart from his scientific commitments with the active role played By East Zone Co-coordinator Dr Prachi Singh
  2. At Dhanbad, Jharkhand: 16th & 17th March, 2024– A National conference organized by AOGSBJ (Association of Ob-Gy Societies of Bihar & Jharkhand) and FOGSI where ESI members from different zones were invited as National Faculty. It was a memorable conference with extensive involvement of Dr Rangila Sinha from Muzzafarpur , the senior most active member of almost all organizations of National & International Levels. Dr Pradip Mitra & Dr Bhaskar Pal delivered their respective lectures. Dr Mitra was the Judge of Free Communication & highlighted the role of ESI at National Level. Apart from his scientific commitments he inspired the local delegates & initiated to form the Dhanbad & Rachi Chapters of ESI. A model awareness program was done there in a local school.

3.Muzaffarpur : Dr Prachi Singh : i) A very successful webinar (2nd March,2024) on Adolescent Endo – Attended by 55 participants – Done by ESI(East Zone) + MOGS +FOGSI

East Zone – Assam & Meghalaya

  1. Assam & Meghalaya :

Extensive Public Awareness programs were done by ESI under the leadership of Dr Pradip Mitra, Secretary General, ESI & BSF (North East Range) in different schools adjacent to Indo-Bangladesh Border apart from widespread Screening of Adolescent Endometriosis in those regions.al

Rakshabandhan Festival was observed. Dr P K Mtra Delivered oration on Endometriosis at Indira Gandhi National Institute of Medical Sciences,Shillong.