Education, training and promotion of knowledge of the members of the medical fraternity involved by any means with management or research or organisation of training programmes related to endometriosis.
Development of an optimum consciousness on endometriosis among the women in the reproductive age group. To organise public awareness programmes with the help of various voluntary organisations or NGOs at different places.

To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experience and collection of information on  endometriosis through organisation of congress, conferences, workshops and seminars regularly. To award appropriate certificates after various training courses.

To invite delegates from India and abroad to various programmes for updating the knowledge on endometriosis.
To publish a journal under the name ‘Endometriosis’.
To advice and guide the Central and State Government on the different Acts related to control of the disease of endometriosis.
To conduct sponsored or non-sponsored research programmes with the support of Central and State Government or voluntary organisations of India and abroad or similar associations of other countries.

To give sponsorship awards to doctors engaged in research and training programmes in endometriosis.

To interact with the global endometriosis societies engaged in endometriosis care education and to participate in the development of a global awareness.



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